Mechanical testing - dynamic tests

In the RMS Foundation the following methods of dynamic testing of samples, parts and components are at your disposal.

Dynamic tests with uniaxial testing devices

Serves to determine the fatigue resistance (stress-number curves) of metallic samples and polymers, components, and implants using uniaxial dynamic tests).

Equipment:  5 uniaxial hydraulic rams with Schenk hydraulic cylinders and Inova EU3000 digital control

Contact:  Stefan Röthlisberger +41 32 644-2027

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Rotating beam fatigue tests (non-accredited service)

The rotating bending fatigue test serves to determine the fatigue strength under reversed bending stresses of metallic sam-ples allowing for specific surface structures, and to investigate the adhering strength of coatings on metallic and synthetic samples.

Equipment:  BIG1 Rotating bending testing device (self-made, corresponds to DIN EN ISO 7500-1)

Contact:  Stefan Röthlisberger +41 32 644-2027

Charpy impact test

The notched bar impact test is used to determine the tendency of a material to behave in a brittle manner. This type of test will detect differences between materials which are not observable in a tension test.

Equipment:  Pendulum impact testing machine Zwick RKP 450 GE with an Pendulum head 300 joule (Software testXpert III)

Contact:  Fabrizio Bigolin +41 32 644-2023

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