External Research

The RMS Foundation supports external research projects (EFO projects) that are consistent with the RMS research strategy. Topics from orthopaedics and bone surgery as well as material problems from medicine and other fields of application are in the centre. After a positive assessment, the EFO projects are agreed by contract. They are implemented by external project managers either independently or in close cooperation with employees of the RMS Foundation.

Project applications shall be forwarded in German or English using the form «RMS – Research Grant Application» to efo[at]rms-foundation.ch

The required financial and / or material support shall be specified in the «RMS – Research Grant Application» form. Personal costs such as operating and maintenance costs can be listed proportionally and have to refer to the application grant. Excluded from a financial grant are investments for equipment and computer (hard- and software) as well as general contributions to universities, clinics, and institutes (overhead).  Please refer to the grant application form for further details.

We accept applications anytime and usually confirm receipt within one week. A first project assessment will be done within 1 - 2 months. An additional evaluation or processing of the project application in dialogue with the applicant is possible depending on the extent and the complexity as well as the questions of the assessing experts.

If the submitted project involves investigations with humans, biological data or health-related data of humans, or animal tests, the study shall comply with the laws and regulations of the country involved. In addition, the ethical principles for investigations on human and animal subjects will apply, which have been developed by the appropriate ethics committees. In Switzerland, they are based on the specifications of the Swiss Academies of Sciences (www.akademien-schweiz.ch).


The following conditions apply to any project support by the RMS:

  • The applicant or project manager is responsible for the management and progress of the project.
  • Should the project lead directly or indirectly to the development of a product or a process, the aspects of the “intellectual property rights” must be discussed with the research management of the RMS Foundation. Patent applications may only be made following its consent. The same applies to the direct or indirect industrial or commercial use of the results of the project.
  • A written status report (about 1 page) shall be submitted to the RMS twice a year or by agreement according to the individual project phases.
  • At least 2 weeks before any publication or presentation, the results of the study shall be forwarded to the RMS for comments and discussion.
  • In case of a publication, the support of the RMS Foundation should be mentioned. In relevant project contributions by employees of the RMS Foundation, the naming as co-author is expected.
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