Research Collaboration

RMS Foundation supports external research collaborations in the fields of medical and materials engineering:

  • In medical technology research, the focus is on the function, regeneration, and replacement of the skeletal system (bones, joints, ligaments, intervertebral discs).
  • In materials technology research, the focus is on the shape-specific production, processing and characterization of materials and surfaces, as well as on the evaluation of materials, technologies and processes.

Support includes financial and/or material contributions, as well as active involvement of RMS researchers in experimental work, data processing and interpretation, and/or in providing advisory support. Projects with active involvement of RMS researchers will be given priority in the assessment of grant applications. The funding program is open to all academic researchers at the level of a PostDoc researcher or higher.

Project proposals in English or German language can be submitted by e-mail to using the Research Grant Application Form. Typically, supported projects last 6 to 18 months and receive up to 50’000 CHF.

Financial support can be requested for personnel and/or materials costs. Investments for equipment and computer hard- and software, as well as institutional overhead costs are not eligible for the RMS support program. Please refer to the Research Grant Application Form for further information.

Grant applications can be submitted at any time. Reception will be confirmed within two weeks. The project proposal will be assessed within two to three months after reception. If necessary, open questions will be discussed in writing or in a discussion prior to the final decision.

If the study involves investigations on human or animal subjects, or uses sensitive biological or health-related patient data, it is subject to the legal requirements and ethical standards of Switzerland and the applicant's country of origin. Swiss ethical standards are based on the specifications by the Swiss Academies of Sciences.

After a positive decision, the conditions of the collaboration are regulated by contract. Upon confirmation of the conditions by the applicant, the collaboration is considered to be mutually accepted. The agreement contains the following key points:

  • The applicant or external project manager is responsible for the management and progress of the project.
  • Should the project lead directly or indirectly to the development of a new product or a process, intellectual property rights must be negotiated with RMS Foundation.
  • Patent applications may only be submitted with RMS Foundation’s explicit written consent.
  • A written status report (approximately one page) shall be submitted to RMS Foundation twice per year or according to the project phases as agreed upon.
  • Results prepared for publication or presentation shall be provided to RMS Foundation for revision at least two weeks prior to submission.
  • In case of publication, support by RMS Foundation shall be mentioned. Actively involved RMS researchers shall be named as co-authors.
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