Scientific Committee

According to the 1992 statutes of the Dr Robert Mathys Foundation, the following members of the Scientific Committee supervise the activities of the RMS Foundation:

Members of the Scientific Committee:

Orthopedics and Surgery:

Emanuel Gautier
Prof. Dr. med., Chief Physician, Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, HFR Fribourg
Roland Schmoker
Dr. Dr. med., DDS, Muri bei Bern

Biomechanics, Biochemistry and Biology

Willy Hofstetter
Prof. Dr., Group Leader, Group for Bone Biology, Department for BioMedical Research (DBMR), University of Bern
Hans Gerber
Dr. sc. techn., Gossau ZH

Materials and Surface

Louis Schlapbach
Prof. Dr. sc. nat., Muri bei Bern
Marcus Textor
Prof. Dr. phil. II, Schaffhausen

RMS Bettlach

Beat Gasser
Dr. rer. nat., dipl. Ing. ETH, Managing Director, Bettlach
Robert Mathys
Dipl. Ing. ETH, President of Board of Trustees, Bettlach
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