At the RMS Foundation we can offer you the following services in the area of polymer testing:

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Polymer composition


Polymers are complex materials with specific properties and often consist of a multitude of chemical compounds. We gladly help you answering your specific questions:


  • Identification of polymers, polymer components or polymer particles
  • Ageing of polymers
  • Quantification of polymer components (e.g. plasticizers etc.)
  • and others...


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Standard(s): various
Equipment: GC-MS / FT-IR (alternative: DSC)



Determination of the degree of crosslinking on polyethylene (PE-X) pipes and fittings

Description: Method for evaluating the degree of crosslinking in pipes and fittings made of crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) by determining the gel content by means of solvent extraction. The mass of a test specimen taken from a pipe or fitting is measured before and after its immersion in a solvent for a specified time. The degree of crosslinking is expressed as a percentage by mass of the insoluble material.
  • DIN EN ISO 10147
Equipment: Analytical balance (Mettler Toledo XS205DU) / rotary microtome (Leica RM 2165) / reflux condenser with round-bottom flask and heating hood.



Residue on ignition determination on polymers

Description: Determination of the ash or ash residue of polymers as well as the textile glass and mineral filler content of glass-fiber-reinforced plastics by means of ashing or calcination processes.
  • DIN EN ISO 3451-1
Equipment: Bunsen burner / laboratory muffle furnace Nabertherm



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