Various testings

At the RMS Foundation we can offer you the following various services:

Density determination of solids and liquids

Description: Density determination according to Archimedes' principle (measurement of buoyancy force). The density of a solid is determined with the aid of a liquid whose density is known. The solid is weighed once in air and then in the auxiliary liquid. The density can be calculated from the two weighings.
The density of a liquid is determined using a displacer whose volume is known. The displacer is weighed once in air and then in the liquid whose density is to be determined. The density can be calculated from the two weighings.
Standard(s): DIN EN 623-2 / ISO 18754 / ISO 1183-1
Equipment: Analytical balance Mettler Toledo XS205DU with density measuring kit



Climate chamber tests

Description: The treatments in the climatic chamber serve to condition, age and age specimens, components and parts under defined climatic conditions (temperature, humidity) in order to assess their resistance or to carry out tests subsequently.
Standard(s): ASTM F1980 / ASTM F2003
Equipment: Climate chamber Feutron KPK 20



Washing, sterilization and cleaning test for medical devices

Description: Verification and validation of the use requirements of medical devices with regard to washing, sterilization, cleaning, handling and aging. Investigation of parameters such as residual dirt levels, material aging, susceptibility to stress cracking, corrosion or functionality according to standard methods or customer requirements.
Standard(s): ISO 13402
Equipment: Autoclave Tuttnauer Elara 10 / Laboratory Rinsing Machine G7783 MIELABOR / Drying Cabinet WTB Binder / Miele Professional Washer-Disinfector G 7836 CD



Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Description: Determination of stresses, strains or temperatures in parts, components and assemblies by means of the Finite Element Method (FEM or Finite Element Analysis FEA). Starting from geometry data or CAD models, this numerical, computer-based calculation method allows structural or thermal analyses and optimizations.
  • Need to improve your time to market? Numerical simulation is the right solution! (NL-08)
Equipment: High-performance PC with the latest analysis software ANSYS



Digital Image Correlation ("DIC") or point or area tracking

Description: With two high-resolution cameras, a corresponding sensor can detect and track points or entire surfaces using the technique of digital image correlation. This allows a deeper insight into the behavior of samples under mechanical load.
  • Optical point tracking for experimental deformation analysis (NL-19)
Equipment: Aramis system from GOM with ATOS Core 300 sensor



Mobile measurement technology


Use of mobile measurement technology, often in combination with other test methods, e.g. to measure additional forces, torques or distances.

  • Various measurement amplifiers, including MX410B from HBM
  • Charge amplifier CMD600 from HBM
  • Various force sensors (depending on application), e.g. CFT 20 kN from HBM for impacts or Kistler 9001A 0 - 6 kN for static compression forces
  • que sensors, e.g. from Kistler 4502A2HA, 0 - 2 Nm
  • Laser distance sensors, e.g. from Micro Epsilon OptoNCDT-ILD 1402 (max. 50 mm distance)
  • Further information on request



Testing the cutting properties of drills

Description: To test the cutting properties and the wear behavior of drills, a self-developed test rig is used, in which the force with which the tool penetrates the test material can be defined.
  • YY 91064
  • Testing the cutting properties of drill bits (NL-33)
  • OptoNCDT-ILD 1402 laser distance sensor from Micro-Epsilon (max. measurable distance: 50 mm)
  • Various measuring amplifiers, including MX410B from HBM
  • Coordinate drilling and milling machine Picomax 21-M from Fehlmann (50 - 6300 rpm)



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