Tribology, friction, wear

At the RMS Foundation we can offer you the following services in the area of tribology, friction, wear tests:

Pin-on-disc wear tests

Description: The wear behavior of two gliding partners is investigated by pressing a pin against a disc and simultaneously moving it horizontally. Both gliding partners are usually in liquid, which is retained by a Plexiglas cylinder and whose temperature is regulated by a thermostat. The load and movement sequences are programmable and the same on all 6 stations. The abrasion is determined gravimetrically and/or optically by means of profilometry.
  • ASTM F732
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Equipment: 2 OrthoPODTM pin-on-disc-units from Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc. (AMTI)



Wear testing: hip and spine implants

Description: Wear tests on implant systems for artificial hip joint replacement according to ISO 14242 and functional artificial intervertebral discs according to ISO 18192.
  • ISO 14242 
  • ISO 18192
Equipment: Hydraulic hip and spine simulator with 4 degrees of freedom, EndoLab GmbH



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