Tribological tests

In the RMS Foundation different tribological tests are at your disposal. We are ready to develop for you also a specific and function-related wear test apart from the attempts on commercial test devices.

Pin-on-disk friction and wear test (OrthoPOD)

The OrthoPOD 6-station test setup and weight measurement are used for screening tests to investigate and determine the wear behaviour of two gliding partners in a freely selectable type of burden and motion sequence.

Equipment:  2 AMTI OrthoPODTM pin-on-disk test setups

Contact:  Thomas Imwinkelried +41 32 644-2018

Hip Simulator / Spine Simulator

Wear test of implants for intervertebral disc replacement according to ISO 18192 and hip simulation tests according to ISO 14242.

Equipment:  Hydraulic 6-station Hip and spine simulator, EndoLab GmbH

Contact:  Roman Heuberger +41 32 644-2022

Please read more about Hipsimulator in our Newsletter No. 09

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