Vickers hardness test

System: Leica VMHT MOT hardness tester

Useful tips:

Suitable samples:
  • Metallographically prepared samples and entire components
Sample specifications:
  • Specimen shape:          Surface plane-parallel to contact surface
  • Specimen surface:        plane surface or convex surface
  • Surface roughness:       finely grinded, respectively polished
  • Micro hardness       HV 0.1
  • Small force range   HV 0.2 to HV 2


  • Hardness testing on metallic and non-metallic materials.


  • DIN EN ISO 6507          Metallic materials - Vickers hardness test
  • DIN EN ISO 2639          Steel - Determination and testing of case hardening depth CHD
  • DIN EN 10328               Iron and steel - Determination of hardening depth after surface hardening SHD
  • DIN 5190-3                   Depth of hardening of heat-treated parts - Determination of the Nitriding hardening depth NHD


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