Corrosion measurements with EC-Pen

System: EC-Pen filled with 0.9 % NaCl solution from TFB AG

The system known as EC-Pen consists of a pen-like probe that is placed directly on the surface. The pen is filled with an electrolyte, for example a physiological NaCl solution, and also contains the electrodes required for the measurement.

Local corrosion resistance is measured at the contact point, which is only about 1.5 mm2 at a time. The result is current density potential curves that indicate whether the part is passive (resistant) or active (susceptible to corrosion) at this point. The influence of the marking can be determined by local measurement on e.g. laser tracks and comparison with measurements on the non-marked base material. This does not require any specific sample preparation that could influence the results.

Useful tips:

Suitable samples:
  • Metallic samples
Sample specifications:
  • No restriction regarding surface properties and specimen size (pen tip area: 1.5 mm2).
  • Potentiodynamic measurements


  • Measurements of corrosion resistance of different steels, passivation processes, surface treatments or heat treatments within minutes.

  • The local measurement with the EC Pen makes allows to carry out corrosion measurements on real surfaces and thus, compare the corrosion resistance of laser markings with that of the base material.


Contact:  Dieter Streit +41 32 644-2021

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