Pin-on-disk wear tester tribology, wear test

System: OrthoPOD - units / Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc. (AMTI)

The wear test according to ASTM F732 applies to material pairings where the pin is made of polymer (e.g. UHMWPE) or polymer composites. The disc is usually made of a hard material (e.g. CoCr), so it is mainly the abrasion of the pin that has to be examined. With a special pin holder, cartilage pins with Ø 5.0 mm can also be tested.

Useful tips:

Suitable samples:
  • Pin material: polymer or polymer composite
  • Disc material: metals, ceramics, polymer
Sample specifications:
  • Polymer pins with Ø 9.5 mm diameter and 20 mm length
  • Planar discs with Ø 31.9 mm diameter and 6 - 7mm thickness
  • Motion sequence with multiple, programmable waypoints
  • Different loads possible at the waypoints (max. 400 N)


  • The test goal is a screening of pairing materials before complete prostheses are tested (e.g. in the hip simulator).


  • ASTM F732
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