Hardness test according to Shore

System: Hardness tester Zwick Shore A and D

Useful tips:

Suitable samples:
  • Polymers, soft rubbers and natural rubber
Sample specifications:
  • The samples should be at least 6 mm thick. The dimensions of the samples must be sufficient to allow measurements at least 12 mm from each edge. The surface of the samples shall be flat over radius of at least 6 mm around the tip of the indenter. Satisfactory hardness tests can not be carried out on round, uneven or rough surfaces.
  • Before testing, the specimens must be conditioned for 88 h at 23 °C and 50% humidity (DIN EN ISO 291).
  • Soft rubber, elastomers and natural rubber according to Shore A (10 to 90 Shore A) can be tested.
  • Harder elastomers, plastics and rigid thermoplastics according to Shore D (30 to 90 Shore D) can be tested


  • Hardness testing on polymers and rubbers


  • DIN EN ISO 868                             Determination of indentation hardness with a durometer (Shore hardness).
  • ASTM D2240                                  Rubber Property - Durometer Hardness


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