Contact angle measurements

System: Surftens universal / OEG GmbH

Contact angle measuring device with manual dosing unit and automated contact angle measurement.

Useful tips:

Suitable samples:
  • as flat and as homogenous samples as possible
Sample specifications:
  • Dimension: up to 20x20x6 cm, possibly also larger
  • Static contact angle measurements: Determination of the angles of a static drop on a surface.
  • Dynamic contact angle measurements: The drop volume is continuously increased and decreased and the contact angles (advancing and receding) on this drop are determined (average of several measurements/drop). This provides increased reliability for rough or inhomogeneous samples.
  • Surface energy when measurements are made with different test liquids (typically water, ethylene glycol and / or methylene iodide).


  • Determine whether surfaces are hydrophilic or hydrophobic, e.g. for polymers, coatings or functionalisations.
  • Determine wettability for subsequent coatings.
  • Determine the surface energy.


  • ISO 19403-1:2017          Paints and varnishes – Wettability – Part 1: Terminology and general principles
  • ISO 19403-2:2017          Paints and varnishes – Wettability – Part 2: Determination of the surface free energy of solid surfaces by measuring the contact angle
  • ISO 19403-6:2017          Paints and varnishes – Wettability – Part 3: Measurement of dynamic contact angle


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