Autoclave Biokompatibility (ISO 10993)

System: HX-90 / Systec

The autoclave is used for the sterilisation of liquids and solids in steam or steam-air mixture.

Useful tips:

Suitable samples:
  • Autoclavable solids and liquids
Sample specifications:
  • Maximum sample dimension: 700x400 mm
  • Operating pressure: -1/+4 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 134˚C
  • Repetitive programme sequence up to 99 cycles


  • Autoclaving of pre-cleaned instruments

  • Artificial ageing of reprocessable instruments


  • Food and Drug Administration. Final Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff: Reprocessing Medical Devices in Health Care Settings: Validation Methods and Labelling, VIII. Validation of Cleaning Process (2015)
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