Mission of the RMS Foundation

The RMS Foundation is a research and testing institute offering services, in particular testing services in the fields of medical and materials technology as well as mechanical process engineering.

The employees of the RMS research and develop new technologies and improve their practical know-how by promoting internal and external research projects in the fields of biomechanics, properties and biocompatibility of materials and surfaces, the evaluation of implant systems, as well as materials technology and innovative process manufacturing. The main focus is on the research of the potential of tissue substitutes, especially of bone and cartilage-tissue.

The RMS offers mechanical and technological product and component testing, specific and standardized analyses, experimental investigations, and consulting services according to the service catalogue. RMS’ services and interdisciplinary know-how are offered to all interested clients. It promotes as well the further education and training in the corresponding fields of activity and maintains public relations with scientific publications and presentations.

The RMS Foundation attaches great importance to an interdisciplinary teamwork partnership with interested research groups, clinics, institutes, and companies, and benefits by improving its own efficiency. Due to profound knowledge and longtime experiences, the RMS Foundation’s team of qualified and motivated specialists has the necessary technical skills.

The organisation of the RMS Foundation is based on a certified quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001. All services are performed according to current standards or custom standard processes and methods. All services are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

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